Thank you to everyone who visited our gardens and attended our events for the 2021 Taranaki Garden Festival.

39. Greenhills

37 Cassandra St

This floral artist’s creation cleverly incorporates a mixed perennial garden, shrubbery and a rockery with a bounty of treasures. About 30 climbing clematises drip from garden structures, mass-planted rhodohypoxis flowers flow like rivers, and bell-shaped fritillarias, in many hues, are scattered around the small shapely garden of great intrigue. Shirley released her book I am in the garden; a collection of humorous 

Also In the area:

38. La Vie en Rose

This French-inspired courtyard garden in Eltham has a unique flair and style that offers places to sit and indulge. Visitors are welcome to bring a picnic lunch or bottle of wine and enjoy the surrounds. Read More >

40. Cairnhill

This vibrant, colourful garden is framed by a canopy of deciduous trees. Rhododendrons and viburnums flower in profusion. Read More >

41. Te Popo Gardens

Te Popo Gardens are a 13ha parkland of native trees. Wander over a 30m suspension bridge crossing the deep river gorge that surrounds the garden and hear bird song as you stroll the extensive forest trails. Read More >