Taranaki Garden Festival

Book your tickets to the Centuria Taranaki Garden Festival 2022 today!

Ticketing information

You can purchase tickets at our official ticket outlets, the festival hub or at any of our festival gardens.

You can purchase as many tickets as you need! We encourage you to pre-purchase
tickets so that our gardeners are free to walk and talk.

Each garden has nominated their charge of $5, $10 or $15. Tickets are sold in $5 denominations. Free entry for children 12 and under.

Look out for the following symbol in the garden descriptions which highlights the number of tickets needed to enter each garden.

 $5 admission  $10 admission  $15 admission

Event Tickets

To purchase Garden Festival event tickets please visit the Events page. Each individual event page has a Book Now option. 

Terms & Conditions

  1. There is no exchange or refund available after a ticket has been purchased unless required by law. This includes lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or unused tickets. Please ensure your tickets are kept safe, so treat your tickets like cash.

2. A change in personal circumstances does not entitle a ticket holder to a refund or exchange.

3. If the festival is cancelled for any cause reasonably beyond the Centuria Taranaki Garden Festival’s control, CTGF is not obliged to arrange a substitute festival. Please note that the festival will proceed regardless of weather conditions. Postage charges will not be refunded on cancellation of an event.

4. All visitors to the CTGF must present a valid ticket for each garden visited.

5. CTGF will make every effort to ensure that your visit is safe and we ask that all visitors take all necessary steps to ensure their own safety. It is a condition of admission to each garden that you assume all responsibility for your own safety, the safety of those in your care and your possesions.

6. CTGF reserves the right to add, withdraw or subsitute gardens, charges or events. Terms and Conditions may change, please refer to website.

7.  GST will apply to all goods and services supplied. Prices include GST where applicable.

8. Ticket holders consent to being filmed, photographed and recorded for marketing purposes.

9. Ticket purchasers’ details will be used for marketing purposes. Data will not be distributed to third parties.