Thank you to everyone who visited our gardens and attended our events for the 2021 Taranaki Garden Festival.

24. Haven on High Street

241 High Street, Eltham
On the main street of Eltham, you will find this bountiful backyard with fruit trees, vegetable gardens, rainwater collection tanks, homemade fertilisers, worm farm, chickens and bees. Morna and Stu have incorporated permaculture principles and they use the maramataka, the Māori lunar calendar, to guide them for planting.

Also In the area:

10. Lil' Slice

Stu and Wendy live clean, green and as healthy as possible on their small rural lifestyle block. Still very new on this land, they are starting to set up a sustainable focused life. Read More >

21. Nell’s Medicinal Herbs & Edibles

This is a small, quaint & diverse garden. As a medical herbalist, Nell has an array of herbs growing, as well as edible weeds & a growing food forest. Read More >

22. Mountains Rest

An alpine treasure is tucked away 500 metres above sea level. This 3.5ha, off-the-grid property is a haven that is enjoyed & shared with others. Read More >